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Producing the highest performing chips since 2011
BitFury deliver products to market with enviable speed and maximum efficiency
BitFury produce Groundbreaking, State of the Art products which facilitate
Bitcoin itself, the Bitcoin network and its infrastructure
It’s in our DNA
BitFury are a dynamic team of individuals, with the drive and passion to achieve a common goal – to push the boundaries of science and technology, introducing truly groundbreaking, state of the art products which facilitate bitcoin itself, the bitcoin network and infrastructure.

As a group we fill many roles; investors, developers, manufacturers and service operators. We have a level of expertise and experience in the industry that is unparalelled, but our sum is greater than our parts. We bring products onto the market that surpass expectations, we are world leaders in our field.

However it’s not all about experience and skill, as a group we have something which is difficult to define – we like to call it ‘Science & Magic’.
BitFury is set up as a Cayman Company,
with offices in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam,
and Mining Operations in Finland, Iceland and Georgia